Making a Report

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Using the Reports feature, users can generate a detailed report for a pre-defined location, radius around an address, or custom region. All reports use the latest data available on PolicyMap.

Selecting the Reports feature will display the tool over the map. Choose a report then define the area. The correspondence map will zoom to your pre-defined location, address for radius, or display your selected custom region.

reports menu

First, choose the type of report you wish to generate. Each report was created with the idea that the data in a report will better describe the area you selected. Here are descriptions of each report:

list of report types
  • Community Profile is a snapshot of life in an area, including information on its population, racial composition, age, income, workforce, and much more. See a sample Community Profile Report
  • Community Health Report provides a summary of healthcare access, health behaviors, general health, morbidity, mortality, food security, and social determinants of health in the area. See a sample Community Health Report The Community Health Report is available only to premium subscribers.
  • Rental Housing Report includes rent information by bedroom size and income, as well as affordability data. See a sample Rental Housing Report
  • HMDA Report is a summary of the number, typical amount, and type of home mortgages origins, including high-cost lending activity and high interest loans by race or ethnicity. Data comes from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). See a sample HMDA Report

Second choose the area to aggregate data for the report:

  • Pre-defined locations are geographies in the system (i.e. cities, counties, zip codes, etc.),
  • Radius allows users enter an address or latitude/longitude and define the radius size,
  • Custom Region displays any previously created custom regions in the user account.
define location for report

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