Customizing Custom Regions

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After creating a custom region, select the icon to open a menu of features you can take action on with a custom region.

custom region edit menu

Custom Regions can be used in a wide variety of ways, users can:

  • share with other users,
  • clip data just for the region,
  • download data for the custom region,
  • see a table of the data within the custom region,
  • and generate a report which aggregates data for the custom region.

Custom regions, you have the option to change the color of the border and the shaded area:

  • From the Custom Region bubble, select the Edit icon to open a menu of options that can change the custom region border color or the filled-in area.
  • Click onto the color icon will open a complete color palette to choose from.
  • The transparency slide bar allows users to adjust the transparency of the border or filled-in area of a custom region. Sliding the bar to the full left (or 0) will remove the area shading and will only show the border.
animation of edit custom region color
NOTE: In a custom region, different colors cannot be applied to the border and the shaded area — both must be the same color.

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